My first rope mallakhamb competition – with Mishti

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What an experience!

and what an expression!!
No words to describe it

On the first day of rope

There was a lot of hope

I saw girls going upside-down

But none of them with a frown

I thought that they were great

And what was their starting date?

The trainers were cool

And I hoped I did not look like a fool

I became good and good

I was always in a happy mood

Then this competition came

I was up for the game

I had some stage fright T

he competition was in the eveningish – night

And when I went I got a small dent

Because I fell Doesn’t that ring a bell?

I did a trick on the rope When I fell I could only mope

I felt so so sad Becuz I did so bad I didn’t have much

But I did such!! But it’s ok now

But.. Holy cow I got such a shock Cause my leg didn’t stay in the lock

But I will do better And will not be a fretter

Ok.. So now bye