My curriculum – Advay


Learning has no limits, no curriculums. Advay, 5yrs old working on making cardboard box. As a part of planning, he shared that he wants to work on ‘making with cardboard’. He was serious about his own commitments. He uses any opportunity to work on his goal of ‘paper cutting’. Exploring in many different ways, he is clear what he wants to do.

Advay shares “I did a lot of paper crafts. I did a rocket, a telescope, a pouch and two headrests. I started making a clock. I haven’t finished it. I still have to make thin stick. I started making a box. I haven’t finished it also. I have to make a lid. For that, I have to cut big paper. I read a book on Jupiter. One of the moon’s name is Europa. We have Europa in Aarohi also. I want to read books on every planet. I read story books also. I kept a stall of scrubbing coconut shell during learning mela. All the children came and scrubbed coconut shell with sand paper. I was feeling happy”.

His father shared

Advay had mentioned in his interest map that he wanted to build models of a house, car, and plants in cardboard. Today we built a hut in cardboard.My cousin brother used to make professional building models for a living in the 90s. He has offered to show him the process of making professional models. As I kid, I was very interested in watching him build models of houses from cardboard. I would watch him for hours & come back try to replicate them. I never became as good as him, but it was always good to have an inspiration. My hope is that Advay will have an opportunity to get inspired. What he chooses to do after that – I will have to wait and watch’.

Murali had lent us a toy car that he had bought for his daughter several years ago. It was rusted in places and needed a face lift. Advay’s cousin (Avyay) was at our home today. They wanted to paint it. We bought colors of their choice and they got started once we reached home. First they scrubbed (with sand paper) the metal plate clean. And then painted it. They used oil paint. First time for Advay and Avyay. They took sufficient safety measures to ensure that paint stains won’t damage the stones. In the end – the car seat received a rather good facelift. It looked really really good.

Our rear garden finished one sowing-harvest season. We harvested tomatoes, carrots, knol, haruve, and palak. We are now preparing our rear garden for the next season of plants. The mud needs to be loosened and prepared first. Nandini mentored us (Advay, Avyay and myself) today and we started with a 3×4 feet space first. Super fun time. Super tiring too….Below is a 1-minute video of today’s work.

ImagineAarohiwhere there is no teaching – because we believe that children can decide how they want to learn – on their own, with each other and from various resources, etc. We are there to guide them, where they need us.ImagineAarohi where there are no classes – because we believe that when children learn and teach each other – there is no need to separate them based on ages. All simply learn from whomsoever we can.

Nandini(mother) and Advay (child), visit Aarohi every alternate weekin search of learning opportunities. ImagineAarohi community where we havelearningfamilies.