My choice

One child from village wants to learn English and Maths. His reasons are

  1. English – So I can understand what people talk, when I go outside
  2. Maths I want to work in shop, and I need to know addition to handle money.

He is doing what he wants to do – small dreams, small steps.

When he came to Aarohi, we had no idea what he would like to do. He hated physical work (his father is very skilled in that). He spend time in kitchen gardening. And loves explaining what is he doing. He began with taking any book and copying text form it, he takes math books and does sums. We were not sure why is he doing this? Last week during reflection he shared his reasons.

  • He loves music
  • He says I am learning English – he has picked up many English words. He also try to speak in English.
  • He loves to come for Math club and also count with tokens.