Music Mash-up – Gift Factory

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GIFT FACTORY –Gifting is beautiful! At Aarohi, we began with the need for gifting for our volunteers. Gift factory was born to cater to the needs. We started exploring handmade gifts, gifts which can be given to travelers (most of our volunteers are the traveler with tight spaces).The need for giving created space for us to explore making and make a connection with people.

With COVID and lockdown, the gift factory is shifted to homes, now the community creates at home and share with the various resource people and guest who are adding value to the community (online :). Thie one needed for our guest abroad, so not able to courier, hence an e-gift,

STORY OF MAKING OF THE SONG –I love music since my childhood and have been noticing this ooh la la in so many songs but I didn’t know this mashup word exists something like this. But when I heard the opening circle”s mashorita all thoughts from my childhood just rushed and we both made this. & just worked on music & created our own lines as well. I just picked up the tunes of the songs but the changes in Lyrics @Shri Shadhak did. Slide 2- Havana song from mashorita, we just modified into ooh la oohla and picked up some words from the actual Havana song but if some words towards the end don’t suits the tune then we modifiedthe lyrics just to fit the tune. Slide 3 – My big-time dream was to bring tamil, Hindi & English audience together and that too through music. So ooh laa (sapney tamil & Hindi version) song actual song with same lyrics I picked up. Slide 4- Hakuna matata song – Shadhak’s one of the favorite song. We tried singing in the same hakuna matata tune but the transition didn’t work for us to connect with the next song so we chose to sing the Hakuna Matata lyrics but in Havana song’s tune. Slide 5- ooh la la song – 90’s Alisha Chennai’s Made in India song, I love all her songs. But this song was more towards 18+ kind of song so I chose only those lyrics which suits younger kids to repeat again& again.