Music in Gandhi.

One child decided to have ‘Gandhi’ theme in the music session. We have been having themes like colours, war, nature, festival, language etc as our themes for our music sessions but Gandhi theme felt very unusual. But this child was very clear of this theme. I was looking forward to a different music session and I was not disappointed.
We explored Gandhi through music.
The song of “Sabarmati me Sant” brought explanations about non-violence and his works. The song “Vaishnavi Jan to” led me reading about the song, its meaning and the poet. I needed to know the song before sharing in the music session. And I am glad I followed the child with his theme of Gandhi. Tamil song Gandhi – Chellame Chellam led to exploring few more words.
Sabarmati Ke Sant –
Vaishnav Jan To – Bhajan –
Gandhi – Chellame Chellam-