At Aarohi, O-campus we have kids of all ages. We have a child who started at 2yrs and one who started at the age of 15yrs. Both had similar need of MUMMY. Sometimes I wonder, is it the child is asking for mother or this is the limited vocabulary the child has developed to fulfill all needs.

When a child is not able to open shoe laces cries “mummy!”………….. The child does not say “I am not able to open shoelaces, can someone help me, can you open it for me?”
When a child fall down, the child cries “mummy!………… The child does not say “I am hurt, can you put bandaid to me?”
When a child wants a toy which another child is playing with, after snatching, or waiting the next option the child knows “mummy!”………………. The child does not expresses, I need that
toy, I also want to play, I also want to………….
When a child is playing with water, child does not cry “mummy!”, but when someone ask the child to not to throw water on them the child cries “I want my mummy?”

A child is not liking the food, child is hungry, child is tired, and the child uses one master word “mummy”. This vocabulary is enough for the child to get most of the work in the world for the child. I was reading a book with kids at Aarohi, it is about baby monkey (I think), called Bubbles, and any problem the baby bear has he cries “Mummy!”. Mummy comes and solve all the problems. And we all in chorus read “mummy!!!”.Sadly, the book does not talk about “Bubbles!”. Do WE, as parents TOO?

At campus when a child (of any age), cries “I am missing mummy” and we talk about the need………..what help you need, what work do you want to do. What you need now……..and so on. Later when the child is doing nothing or playing, we remind the child to “call mummy”. Sometimes, child call,s sometimes later, sometimes never.

Many times it is the struggle of the child with SELF and most convenient word comes out is “mummy!”. It is the struggle of
Thinking ability, which child has lost touch.
Doing things by self, for which the child has got used to of being served .
Discovery self, which the has lost in the jungle of being something else.

Does the child missed to know, really when the child is missing “MUMMY!!!”?