Movie to Think!


Watch a movie and ponder over some random questions

Do Not give the answers of all – no rights, no wrongs

Just ponder

A movie can bring thinking

What do you say?

Watch together to ponder together – talk more about it, share more about it and that’s about learning and living!

On one Friday afternoon, we watched the movie “Eight Under” and pondered
What other outcomes might have happened?

What would you ask the author about … ?

What else could have changed the whole story?

What would your position have been in that situation?

What was the turning point?

What did it mean when he said: “what you love doing that matters”?

Where did the story change

Where are there similar situations?

Where can you get more information?

Can you compare this with any other movie…?

Can you defend the actions of the…?

Imagine, Aarohi an open learning community where learning happens with living!