Movie – Ankhon Dekhi

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Hindi –Ankhon Dekhi– A common middle class man decides to explore new perspectives directedby Rajat Kapoor. The movie is slice of daily life and revolves around ‘bauji’. One event in his life changes his way of looking things and he decides to go deeper in his newly found philosophy of life ‘tobelieve only in what he sees with his own eyes and what he experiences”.

Let me not say much about it more that this, as you watch the movie yourself 🙂

Often we lead the child by “our” (parent’s or teacher’s) wisdom – rather than child’s own experiences. Examples are plenty – what to learn, how to learn, what to eat, habits and values to develop … child seems to be given only the role of tame follower.

Often we forget that the child is also important and his own experiences are most valuable learning. Message of the movie is quite sterling, something to think about and take home.

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