From a mother’s diary – Visual Play


Smriti and I played a game. We designed a drawing game. One person gets a chance to draw, she can draw in a way that the pencil is touching the page. Once she lifts her hand then it’s my turn. We had not decided what we will draw or what will be the output.
We enjoyed line after line, squiggle after squiggle, design after design, ideas after ideas. Smriti said it is going to be a disaster. We kept drawing until the page was full.
We enjoyed 2 hrs of stimulating conversation. We drew, reflected, and colored. Smriti also challenged me to draw and color something blindfolded. We had a laugh making a story from the picture.

After the drawing was reflection time.
How was the game?
Did we like it?
Was the outcome disastrous?
What skills were used before, during, and after the game?

Some of the words that came during reflection are no worry of output, no winning , no losing, we were using critical thinking, imagining, creativity, listening, inclusion, accepting each other’s drawing, talking, fun, experiencing, experimenting, sharing and much more