From a Mother’s Diary – Trust

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    To Dream, To Think, To Decide, To Do, To Fail, To Achieve, To Assess, To Learn, To Enjoy, To Live.
    Even if for a moment you think the child is not capable, would you not like the child to be capable? And if we want them to become capable, then we need to invite them to start using their capabilities, polish them, develop them so that soon our belief in their capabilities turns out to be a reality.z

    We notice, with loads of delight that they have every strength in them which is needed to live a life. They may not be using all of them all the time (but then neither do we adults). Can we not recognize, acknowledge and reinforce these strengths.
    In any case this capacity and capability building journey lasts a full lifetime.


  2. Capability to learn – Aaradhya was playing a halloween game in laptop, she was able to reach only upto 4th level, until yesterday. Today she spent around an hour to complete 5th level. Everytime she left in 4th level, she kept sharing that i failed and want to do it. Once she did it, she was sharing that she did it with a smile and excitement.

She learnt to hoola hoop on her little finger.
2. Capability to decide / lead -Its been more than a month that Aaradhya has come up with -“Together time” activity/game where whole family does something one at a time / as team- some of the activities are i)we did counted number of circles in our house and whichever team comes up with more, will be the winner. We did this activity with other shapes as well oval, triangles, squares. Every time we played it took atleast 1/2 hr to 1 hour to complete, but we enjoyed. ii)Sharing a video that you like. iii) sometime a challenge like – no complaining hour. do something nice to ther person. iv) Cuddle up in blakets and read/ talk/just have fun. v) Decorating our home. etc
3. Capability to decide/lead – She came up with an activity yesterday, making strips of silver foil and crumble it like a small Christmas light and tie it to a thread and hang them in the balcony as decorations. Yesterday we together made these strips ready, while we are chit chatting.
I am typing all these to help myself to understand Trust, better.