Model School Children Experiencing Aarohi Campus

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Experiencing Campus – Visit by Model School Children

Model School Children conducted a Science Fair, in which Swach Bharat models were shown. I was part of visiting stalls and just felt that experience of what all we can do with the waste would be an added exposure and hence the opportunity created for the children to visit the Aarohi campus.

Intention to bring them to campus –

  • Explore Campus waste Management System
  • Learning from each other.

This brought an opportunity for campus children to be part of the session and two children initiated to be part of guiding model school children.

What went well:

  • Campus children were part of the session and experienced handling big group.

  • Model school children experienced different processes that can be reused. And also Felt the connection with campus and campus children

  • A new opportunity for model school children that they can also teach to our children,

  • Space to accomodate all in the ground was good

  • Many children opened up to talk

  • There was no concern for noise disturbing other classes.

  • Reflection – children sharing 1:1 and also girl and boys sharing brought an opportunity to come out of their discomforts.

What did not go well:

Welcome – audio system was not working and hence musical welcome did not bring much energy in a circle.
Children could only listen and see the system, could not experience sorting

Few groups finished first, few groups took time, we could have planned the time limit for each station.

Reflection Process: QUESTIONS was new for children to share and discuss their viewpoints..

  • 1. Share one new experience from today’s campus visit.

  • 2. One idea you will implement in your school, house, village, etc.

  • 3. Share one current feeling.

  • 4. One skill you wish to teach or share with us.

Children shared many ideas about what all they can teach to our campus children:

Solar energy utilization, Yoga, Gardening and growing trees, Using leaves in a hotel than plastic, Use biodegradable plastic, Drumming, Art, playing an instrument, Origami, Kabaddi, Throwball, Reuse and reduce plastic, Cricket, Singing, Karate,

Football, Science, Cartwheel, Read books in the library, High jump