Mobile Toilet


Got to see this on internet. The concept is amazingly simple

A water-less, odorless, cost-less, mobile (easy to install) urinal – with the huge benefit that the stored urine can be used as fertilizer to the plants – after diluting it with water either directly or in Drip irrigation tanks.

The plastic Ball in the funnel

  • works as a float (when someone is using the urinal) – allowing the urine to go inside the can
  • and rest of the time it works as a lid ensuring that urine in the can does not come in contact with air.

Hence no need to pouring water, no need to manually close the can.

One of this is working beautifully in Campus and kids just love to ‘aim’ into the funnel.

Need to make more so that kids have a quick urinal at different places in campus and adapt a sitting design to make this work for girls / ladies