Mirror – A learning resource

Once again welcome surprised me -:) Mirror was part of welcome. I kept one broken side mirror of a car. It was written on the mirror “objects in the mirror appear………………..”. I was apprehensive “just see in mirror and that all, what else will be done with this material in welcome?” But I moved ahead, ready for more surprises…………….

Kids came and looked into the mirror – not themselves but the object in the background. They saw how far they can see the reflection. They guessed how bigger or smaller the objects are seen and from what distance. Next Day, added one reflective glass, one book on “daily reflection”. A book on magic with mirrors. They did not use mirror, they just used the book to figure out how they can make those figures and read some quotes from book of “daily reflection” and found them interesting.

Many times it surprises me how a simple resource like “mirror” can create learning opportunity. At Aarohi resources are not always books, equipments or kits – resources come from life. Kids will find gum coming out of a tree as resource, dead butterfly becomes an interesting resource to study, or stones and leaves at the campus are continuous resource for us to learn.