in the midst of…


It’s not an easy journey to stay strong with one’s beliefs.

The clouds of self doubts keep popping up. I

t’s not easy to give a message to each visitor, each child, each parent that Aarohi is a DOING place.

Since Aarohi is open for people to come, we also open up ourselves for all kinds of misunderstanding and judgements.

People with all kinds of attitudes, needs and expectations visit Aarohi.

Each action and reactions of ours is being noticed and judged.

It’s not easy to stand strong and natural in midst of these expectations.

In the midst of judgement to stay natural.

In the midst of needs of each member stay soulful.

In the midst of confusion stay strong with our own vision.

But all this midst allows us to see many reactions and bring clarity of what does open learning means to us!