MI for Active Learning

When Howard Gardner put forward his Theory of Multiple Intelligences (in 1983), he was only acknowledging something we have all intuitively known – the existence of different abilities (intelligences) inside each one of us. Understanding of Multiple Intelligence helps in understanding Open Learning. It builds a child’s self-belief in his or her own abilities, strengths and interests.

Some of the KEY ASPECTS of multiple intelligence we explored during the week…

  1. ACCEPTING my intelligence – We asked what is your natural preference or interest? Art, Music, Making, Stock market, Nature, Dance, Running, Calculations and so on – Realisation that we all are differently intelligent, but we all are SAME as we all are intelligent! Accepting all of us are equally blessed, differently blessed. Its not about how much I am intelligent, rather it’s about HOW we all are intelligent.
  2. EXPOSE to all intelligence to Integrate and enjoy life – Exposures helps in making life richer and allows one to appreciate different interests.
  3. USING my strong intelligence to learn others allows me to look at learning and my interest through the window of integration – I can learn about nature using literature, I can learn maths using drawing and patterns.
We all are differently intelligent and that makes all of us the SAME!

One Juggling ball and various ways we explored

Made music

Made story/poem in different languages

Wondered about the material, where did it come from?

Convince other people to buy

Feel it and connect self with the ball

How many shapes do you see?

Make your own law about the properties of the ball

Used different body parts to juggle

One song and different ways of focuing on it! Here are the windows – watch the song eight different times

  1. Focus on the feelings of Barfi and other characters (Self)
  2. Focus on the color comparison of Barfi’s clothes with the background (Visual)
  3. Focus on observing the different scientific phenomenon in action (Nature)
  4. Focuses on different hand movements of Barfi and act them (Body)
  5. Focus on who all is friendly to Barfi and who is not (People)
  6. Focus on the rhythm of the song, try playing it (Music)
  7. Focus on all cause-effect happening and what is completely illogical. (Math-Logic)
  8. Focus on different adjectives that can be put to Barfi (Word)

SOME THOUGHTS in this presentation