Meet Shikha – Life Beyond School

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More and more parents are choosing or thinking of choosing unschooling or homeschooling or open learning or free learning for their children. It is not just dissatisfaction from conventional schooling, but also the immense options and satisfaction one can get when one charts one’s own path.

Since its a path less traveled, we all look for people who can support us, who have gone on this route and can help us with perspectives and insights into this journey as well as share their experience on some common doubts.

Shikha says “I am a self designed learner. My journey started when I was 11, I stopped going to school and started exploring my interests. I am loving the journey of self directed learning as I get my time and space to do what I like. This kind of learning was new for me, so I started with focusing on Odissi Dance. I spend a lot of time in Odissi as I want to become a professional dancer. I also like to play the Ocarina, Sing, Do Cubing, Programming, Making Jewelry, Reading, Running, Swimming and trekking, I love nature, a very adventurous person and love sports. And…………. that’s mee”.

Shikha, during this lockdown, she is continuing her journey, She says “I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in the lockdown. For starters, I have been reading a lot of books. Right now I am reading Ishmael. Ishmael is a gorilla who needs a student for him to teach his learnings. Ishmael’s main goal was to save the world from destruction. It’s a really interesting book. I have been learning and playing the ocarina. The ocarina is a wind instrument from South America. I have also been spending a lot of time in the garden, Like observing the plants and insects, I sketch them. Make observations, write them down and research about them. I also do other things like dancing, freestyle, and Odissi, I sketch objects and places, I sing, I meditate. Right now I am learning to program in Javascript as well as an Arduino bot called wink.