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Aarohi X Jaatre – A Space to come together to have a different exposure. People from different fields, different passions share their journey and sow the seeds of thought in the community.

Often we know about the people’s profession but may not know the journey and its various sides. The Jaatre is to bring an experience of meaningful conversation with uncle/aunty/friends of any age in different professions.

Audience – 5-50yrs old 🙂

We have met professionals from different walks of life – an Artist, a Traveler, a Movie Maker, a Banker, an Entrprenuereers, a Life Coach, a Social change-maker, an astrologer, an Emotional healer, and many more, herbs gardener, and so on

Sometimes wonder who are our teachers and we say the “WORLD”.
Many of these professionals coming forward and sharing their journey with us. The interaction in mixed-age happens at different levels and all of them have very gracefully connected with mixed age in the same space, online :).

One of them

I work as a Producer and 1st Assistant Director in Los Angeles. My job as a producer is to make sure we are making the best use of the resources available to us depending on our budget, to bring the director's vision to life. I am deeply involved in all 3stages of the film making- Pre production, production and post production. I gather location, hire crew and cast, make sure we have permits to shoot at different locations, we have deals to sell our movie once finished. No matter how creative movie making is, it's still a business and every one wants to make money. A producer's job is to make sure we stay in budget and make a profit once the film is completed. As a 1st AD, my job is mostly in pre production and production stages of film making. Once I get the script, I read it thoroughly and do a break down which basically means analysis of  a screenplay and making a list of all the production elements.
It is a very a thorough and detailed creative analysis of dramatic action in filmmaking, highlighting the theme, and design elements of a screenplay. Which is to code the entire cast, extras, props, special effects, stunts, wranglers, picture cars, wardrobe, make-up and hair stylists, special equipment and or cameras, ADR, Foley, film scores and soundtracks etc., which are all broken-down with different colored marker highlights within a shooting script. This breakdown is then used to make the shooting schedule and budget of the film. When on set while shooting the film, it is my main responsibility to make sure we are always on schedule and following safety guidelines to make sure we have a smooth and safe production day. I like making movies that focus on social issues, diversity and inclusion. I truly believe that cinema has the power to make this world a better and more human place for all of us :)