Meet Parineetha



Once upon a time there lived a girl called Pari she used to go to a Aarohi life education trust. Before that she used to go to a school there she used to be very quiet but when she went to Aarohi she got surprised and she thought that it is open for everything. First she was like not getting involved in the community her mother started pushing her a little bit and little bit so pari started getting involved little by little by little. but she used to not have lot of work like she was not able to make herself busy and she got to know more about Aarohi and one day she found what is meaning of weekly planning and started to do it then she started to know about term planning so on and so on. And she had a friend called avani and she was the best friend at Aarohi and she started asking more about Aarohi like what are the codes and Avni was old child at Aarohi so one dayAvni went to school and pari started missing Avni so she found a new friend called Smriti and one day they did a mud wall and they enjoyed so muchand pari started knowing about term planning and she used to do term planning after every term and they used to have a term break and she had a classes used to go classes like gymnastics music dance Bharatanatyam at the weekend after Aarohi so you are he was a Monday to Friday so we can use to have classes like gymnastics music Bharatanatyam at the weekend. In term planning she got to know about new new things whatever you wanted to learnand she was not at all focusing on that so one day she had a force full commitment but still she didn’t do it and she was not knowing what was the problem that she had for she was not doing her commitment then slowly slowly she started Patang Hindi something new language so and he started doing something like that then she started joining craft club joining other other different clubs at Aarohi like activity club and so on and so on. And she was not knowing what was Sachin population so every Monday they used to announce sports and she was interested in it and she is she don’t know what is it exactly so she said ok and you will not knowing when it was and when it really was and she was not knowing what are the schedules and all so she took up break kind of thing like a holiday 2 months and she started to come at 2019 from 2019 she took some session preparations. One dayshe took sports and was the campus care time first time when the when she came she took kitchen and she was not knowing what it was and what pari should do so she was not having explosion when she was in school so when she came to Aarohi so she got more new explosions two different things like jewellery making doing something the kitchen is open to you open the all of them. One day something like language Kannada so she started speaking in Kannada so but still she was not clear what is speak and the pronunciations with her was not exactly the way the Kannada is speaked and she started to read Kannada still the commitment was not at all and she was getting distracted by what and all others are doing but not her she is not getting into her on work. one day she started to know what are the jobs at Aarohi like reception so sheet used receptionist job and she used to get busy in what she was doing and she was not getting more time to do other stuff like to join others what they are doing and all and finally she na got to know and in sunshine she could have sheet and the do gymnastics so it’s like a practice at good weekend weekdays also. And she used to do a commitment like Kannada. she has more talent and she got she was like learning many things whatever she liked and she started to know what and all interested make her interest so she started to focus focus and focus and the end of the year 2020 and she was very happy that it is 2020 and suddenly became their came virus called corana.