Meet Dhrupad and Skanda – Make own challenges

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Meet Skanda, 14yrs old, and Dhrupad, 15yrs old. Both are open learners with Aarohi, let’s discover Open Learning with them.

Skanda says “I have shown interest in various things in the last 6 years. My interests varied from dance, art, caricature, skating, swimming, cycling, making cycle ramp, making and selling mosquito repellent, making an iron knife, knife throwing, cricket, an internship with the animal rescue team, writing, and singing rap to currently making music”.

Dhrupad says ”I have never been to school in my 15 years old life. I aspire to become a professional footballer, so I train 6 days a week. I also do sketching, Spanish, and watch a lot of movies. Open learning gives me space to learn what I want, how I want. I learn when I want to learn – science, reading, maths, geography, history, writing…all I learned when I needed to learn. I developed an interest in wars and I learned history; I liked planes/ cars/ships and I learned science; I liked cursive writing and I learned writing; I loved reading just like that”