Meet an author

One day as I sat looking through magic hive fb page, I saw Pika Nani. The name itself caught my attention. On further going through it I realized she was an author. Her first book was published and she was interacting with different children. Zooooooom the mail went to her to invite her to Aarohi. After few interactions she reached Aarohi today.
As she came to the live station, as Deepika and do you know what she shared about? Yes, of course about her book the Little Indians. We listened to the nuances of writing a story. How a flowing river, a boy flying kite, baguettes from Pondicherry can become a story.

Children listened to her, shared how they write stories. They were curious about the publishing of a book and how it reaches the different stores. The website address of Tulika publishers was shared so that interested kids could buy the books from her. We ended the session by going through the book and as we were going through the book we asked her since her name was Deepika why the author’s name was Pika Nani. We came to know about pen name and we were quite excited about having pen names.
The opprtunity to meet different people through live station, throws open a lot of learning avenues for children.