Meet Ansh and Radhika – open learning is not a formula

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Meet and interact withMunish & Angelinaand their 14yrs old twinsRadhika and Ansh– both open learnings very differentlyfrom each other. Just to understand how open learning is not a formula, but all about understanding and followingeach child’s specific needs.
Munish says “We started questioning the current education system a long time back and took a leap into the unknown at that time – Unschooling. What began as Unschooling has become our Beautiful Life Journey in which we are evolving together with our kids every day. Radhika is still a Self Directed Learner and in COVID Times in case she is not found with books, then she is Stitching, sketching, Or Sleeping. and Ansh has decided to Join school after 2 years of UnSchooling. He enjoys his school. In COVID times he is EnjoyingGuitar, Baking, Painting, Studying, and Sleeping”.
Munish is having his own business of lab instruments while Angelina is a Homemaker and a Yoga facilitator. They all live in Lucknow.