Medicinal value

Kaa preparation opened up a Pandora box of understanding expiry dates of medicine.

It started with sorting out the names and the usage based on creams and syrups. They then moved to read the names- the names I was aware it moved to one side, the names which were new did not find a place-justification being we won’t need it. The second round seeing the dates on the bottles. Reading the different inscriptions on the medicines. Based on each person’s understanding the usage and dosage of the medicine was decided.
Then came one expiry date. On few there were two dates mentioned, on few only one date was mentioned. How do we decide what is what? The medicine which has one date, it is to be thrown why that is the expiry date.
Slowly, they started questioning themselves, would Selvi aunty have kept this medicine if the expiry date was over. This realization came because by now many medicines according to them was ready to be discarded

A fun journey for me as an onlooker. I promise you I did not interfere. I was enjoying their journey.