Breakfast/ Dinner at the campus (with five of us during this pandemic) is a very dynamic and happening space. While lunch is a very calm and individualistic space.

We have lots of variety in our meals to take care of all the needs 0f nutrition and protein for footballers, taste buds of all…and also a variety of interactions to take care of the mental needs of all.

Discussions, debate, pulling legs is a very common feature of our breakfast and dinner space. This is also the time when we share about our day and also coordinate with each other like “who is going to the market and what to cook for dinner or sharing complaints like “flush the urinal” etc.

We also decided together that we will all reach in time (no matter what and where are we?). At the same time, we also have the flexibility to step out of this space when one has other commitments or needs (say tired or have a webinar etc).

Just sharing some glimpses from our lives
Do share some glimpses from your lives!