Me with a village child

New child from nearby village has joined “Aarohi”. I was very cautious. I was not sure whether I will be able to treat him the same way like other children or not? Here the point in my mind was sympathy. I did not want to facilitate him keeping in my mind his background.

He was reacting to different resources differently. I decided to bring different resources for him. Within two weeks I brought books, maps, sand, clay, puzzle, blocks, songs and laptop. When I introduced laptop, within half an hour’s span child started learning how to operate the laptop without any inputs from my side. He was enjoying each and every day of the session. I explored more ideas taking help from my team and children.

Initially he looked little reluctant to work (My observation). I took almost two weeks’ time to make him understand that community work is part of learning. I was sometimes firm with him, sometimes I helped him, and sometimes we talked to different people around. For example, we went around and asked all children including adults around what they do before starting their session/work. All shared how they have been doing ten minutes work, etc……

Again some discomfort was there with me. My observation was his mind was totally in to cycles and laptops. It was raised in thought club also: “What is the purpose of him coming to Aarohi? Is it to use fancy things?” We kept discussing in our meetings. He became comfortable with the schedule. He started doing different activities which I used to bring for him. I then thought: “what is my role now?” Now I started not to give activities and started asking what he would like to do? Bilingual sessions started for him.

Last week, I was working with him how he can take initiative and understand what is happening around? He can ask questions and understand by himself and my learning continues with him week by week.