Me and Reading


We began the session by asking “do you want me to tell about the Reading skills?”. They wanted me to tell something new about reading. Together we read and each time we read with different focus

  • Read for fluency
  • Read for comprehension
  • Read for Grammar
  • Read to learn about a topic
  • Read for vocabulary
  • Read for writing style

We explored “how one reads, what happens when one reads with different focus”. After this they did not want me to tell more, they knew what they wanted to do. Children came up with their own understanding about their reading. This is what some of them shared

  • When I am reading and I see any word which is difficult or new or I don’t know the meaning, my speed of reading becomes slow.
  • I read about Subhas Chandra Bose, read about labour of India, Read an autobiography of Paramansa Yogananda, Read about costumes of African people. While reading I explored the new words by guessing the meaning and then reading in the dictionary and also found synonyms, antonyms, etymology, other words in the same family and put my understanding of the words in picture and sentences. My focus this week was vocabulary; I wanted to increase my vocabulary. While reading I was consciously looking for words that I do not know. It helped me to understand better.
  • I read a book about Whales and Dolphins and wrote the same in my note book. I was also checking the spellings when I was writing. I want to read a book on history of music – it tells about how music came. I learnt by reading how they live in their underwater place, that help me to know about them. I did not know what history is? For me history is past – like suppose yesterday I went for Cricket training, so that is history. So when I took the goal of history, I thought I will learn about the past. Like Gandhi is history, Vivekananad is history and my playing cricket match yesterday is also history, because it is past.