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Historical victory of AAP is the talk of nation. I happened to be in Jaipur and watching all news channel, newspapers flashing the news …..Personally I do not favor any party over another, for me all are into politics in different forms and I do not subscribe to any party…….few thoughts about the way we are approaching this event…

All interviews in TV, news in newspaper are to ‘put them down’ BJP or to leading to teaching them a lesson or trying to prove ‘you are wrong’. It took us blink of eye to change our opinion about one party to another…..the nation is busy analyzing what all mistakes BJP did…..While its time for BJP to reflect, is it time for us also to reflect? Does this question the way we take decisions, play role in this democracy? Lets see how the same behaviour of ‘impulse’ gets reflected in our parenting..

We expect others to solve our problems and when they are not solved, we are in a hurry to blame, compare, comepet, put down, find faults…”Your sister is better than you, I told you that….I knew you cannot, you are dumb, you disappoint me, better scope beter mark, when you perform you get I-pad and so on.

We based our decisions on the images we have about people, our children. We too soon label our children and people around us based on what is ‘like me and not like me’. It takes few seconds for us to announce ‘you are naughty’. It takes overnight to prove that one is lazy or weak in maths.

Its not about winning or losing anyone party – it’s equally about US.