Maths on the road !


First outdoor with different age kids. The goal was to explore “maths in Traffic”. We began with collecting data at two different signals. We counted vehicles, categorized them as colour, size, shape, brand and so on.

We explored a lot of concepts – counting, addition, subtraction ratio and proportion. We analysed the data in different forms – graphs, writing words instead of numbers, drawing designs in graphs, ratio of male and female drivers, peopls with hemlets and without helmet and inferring ratio, brands of bikes, colurs of bikes (black was more than red), unqique colurs (green car) and so on.

It was learning for me to explore how different children were counting, how they were analyzing the data, how they were observing and lot more………


I observed the waiting at a junction and were letting other vehicles cross. I observed the timings at the signals, the second, sequence. I observed the dividers, speed breakers and the roads. I wrote down what I observed and when I came back I did analysis and I thought and estimated various things.

I did walking and I was looking at the traffic signal and I was trying to check for volvos. I saw one two wheeler also. I saw people saw looking and laughing at us because we were writing on the roadLaughing When we were coming back, I saw my father driving the car

I observed the traffic signals and how they work. I observed the difference between the two signals- an unmanned signal and a junction with a traffic signal. I wondered over the concept of traffic light.

I guessed the size of the car and then I measured them by counting them by inches, because I wanted to calculate. I observed if the vehicles followed the traffic rules to learn. I was counting some vehicles that were not following the rules to know how many people break the traffic rules. I observed if there is traffic signal then people follow it and understood the meaning of the signal

I guessed the size of the car and then I measured them my counting them by inches. I observed if the vehicles followed the traffic rules. I also observed that some vehicles were not following the rules. I observed the people.

I observed the cars and guessed how many inches and meters it can be, so i can use the information when I want to buy a new car. I observed the traffic light to understand the time limit of signal for each side, so that I know how much time to wait. I observed the traffic signs and understood which directions I can move.

I observed the cars and guessed how many inches and meters it can be. I observed the traffic light. I observed the traffic signs.

I wrote addition sums in the notebooks. I was doing addition of vehicles in outdoor. I read book. I counted the different numbers of vehicles. I saw 116 bikes. I saw new companies of the bikes.

I saw 116 bikes – calculated how many red and how many black, I counted many times by changing the number to get the addition of 116.

I observed cars because I wanted to know how much time it takes to go from left turn to right turn. I understood about minutes by counting in my mind.

At the traffic junction I I counted the number of vehicles and put it in the graph book. I did not write the numbers, I wrote word for each number.

I understood the concept of ratio and proportion by doing different activities and playing games. I explored ratio in triangles, played around with proportion in my body, comparison between by body and different objects, I made words in ratio. To understand the golden ratio I read on internet and then observed it in nature. My goal was to understand the concept of ratio and proportion. I read about ratio, proportion, golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence. I constructed my understanding of ratio and wrote about it.

In Outdoor I collected data at the traffic junction and applied the concept of ratio and Statistics to analyse the data and make conclusions.

I was observing different colours of bikes, ambulance and Volvo buses. I counted bikes and wrote the names, red, and black bikes. I counted in different ways – hands, graph and in my mind.

I worked on counting different vehicles, while counting I saw different vehicles. I also got to know new companies of the vehicles. I made graph to analyse what data I collected.