Math Mela @i-campus

Come and share your MATHEMATICAL passion.

We plan to bringMATHSCLOSER to chidlren and families by playing withMATHS.

TheMelawill have differentMathsgames to play as family, alone……… explore and construct various mathematical concepts. We will use “day to day material” – so this can be replicated at home.Melawill have something for ALL ages.

TheMelawill be open for ALL to come and ENJOY!!!
Bring a book, video, story, teaching method, workbook, manipulative, tools, magic trick……………..and share with others. Come to share or to know from others – everything is fine.
We will also come as learners and to share.
Learning Space: A place where all the participants can sign up and share. Come to share or some come to only know from others – all are fine.