Manthan with parents


Year began with Manthan with parents.

What are the roles and responsibilities of parents, children and facilitator at Aarohi – we all together wondered. It started with each team getting one object which one can relate to any role – some got seeds to represent child, water to represent facilitation and soil to represent parents. One got a stone to represent child and knife to represent parent. One got slate to represent child while flask to represent parent and scissor to represent facilitator…

How learning happens at Aarohi – we all together made mind maps of what all one can learn, the list is exhaustive and loooooooong. It looks like we can continue to learn whole of our life.

Quiz on Aarohi: We all enjoyed a fun true false quiz about Learning in Aarohi.

You could here jubilations and groans as some questions very truly confusing. The quiz is available here

We closed with reflection via an expression round which included a range of feelings from curiosity to anxiety…