Manthan @ o-campus

Manthan @ o-campus, spread over 2 days (7th & 8th Dec), gave parents, faculty & children an opportunity to interact with each other.
We kicked it off with Aditi walking us through what o-campus had to offer us for those 2 days including codes, safety holes etc… We then had introductions given the new faces joining us (both within Aarohi as well as Aarohi cubs). We agreed on the new format we wanted to try as we had ‘old’ parents as well as ‘new’ ones whose needs might be quite different. We split into 3 groups for the 1st session – social needs, info needs & concerns.
Social needs focused on how we as a parent community can help with promoting Aarohi. Action items coming out of this include – simplifying & communicating the blogging process, chunking down the scheduled activities & asking parents for very specific tasks.
Concerns group discussed on whether our responses are becoming ‘canned’ – in other words – standard way of looking at any issue as “look within urself for the solution” – could deter people from attending any manthans.
Lunch (& dinner as well) showed us the opportunity we have in planning better for our future events. The amount of food that got wasted is an indicator of this.
After lunch, we regrouped for 2nd session where we wanted to meet as a single entity rather than split up into 3 groups. Discussion focused predominantly on various ways of adding value to Manthan.
Evening was dedicated for sports. Followed by some drumming.
Reflection session after dinner was spent mostly on understanding the needs of other parents. Had book reading lead by Prakash after that.
Session 3 on Sunday was about how our communication is, can be, should be. Talked about reassurance to parents, whether there is a need for it & if yes, how do we go about doing that.