Manifestation my Dreams

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What does manifestation mean? Being the best version of yourself
Living a life that you love, manifesting your desires and dreams into reality
Feeling your best and creating the best experiencesfor yourself.
The focus of this teen club was to get in touch with what would I like to manifest this year – 2020 in my life?
Activity: Choose 3 things that will make you into a wonderful human being.
We did some body movement, feeling the three things become a part of our body and letting the music move our body.
Intention Setting
The first step of manifestation is knowing what I want to manifest. Setting a clearintentionon what I want in my life
Questions for intention setting for 2020
1. How would I like to feel on a daily basis?
2. What might my ideal day look like from morning to night?
3. What do I want at the end of 2020?
4. What are some of the things I would like to achieve, accomplish, do and experience in 2020? In my interest area, travel, hobbies etc.
5. what kind of person I would like to be – personality, habits, behavior, strengths, emotions, and state of mind.
6. What would I like in my relationships this year? Parents, Siblings, Relatives, Mentors, Friends, Aarohi community, romantic relationships, and others
7. What am I willing to do to get to this place?
Some intentions where joy, compassion, happiness, commitment, focus, being motivated, caring, hard-working etc.
How to bring my intention to manifest in my life? The key to this is HIGH VIBRANCY. creating energy that Positive.
In the law of attraction, the kind of energy and vibrancy I create within me is what I manifest. Whatever thoughts and energies I send out is what I receive.
Creating habits and practices to be in high vibrancy energy helps in manifesting the life I want.
Tools to manifest: Affirmations, Visualization, journaling, meditation and vision board(a picture collage of all your desires and dreams)
These help to keep in touch with my intention and giving it high vibrancy energy helps in manifesting it.
In the morning and in the night before sleeping doing things that help me be in high vibrancy state helps me be positive and attract that energy within me.
Example practices: Meditation, yoga, journaling, gratitude, exercise, dancing, singing, listening to music, doing anything that I love, chanting, connecting with nature and so on.
What is one ritual or habit I would like to do every day to manifest my dreams?