Making of Ambush

It began with a little spark “let’s make a movie”.
Few came together and a made script. The script was highly influenced by their love of NERF guns and the books they read and video games they play.
Well, then came the decision to choose actors – audition happened, voting for the best actor happened. It was set to shoot for the next day.
Few actors signed off by saying “waste of time”. Others got the chance and the Director of the movie moved on.
Then came the real work – directing fellow kids, bringing discipline on the sets, choosing locations, solving conflicts, getting the best out of the actors, chasing deadlines and celebrating shooting of each scene. Finally, we did it!
The group worked hard to get this done. Editing work is in progress…Watch the video “making of Ambush”
A bit about our Director – Shiva, growing to be an independent thinking and learner. He has been making movies for last few years. Each movie is a class apart for his growth – the journey s fascinating.
A bit about his learning – He is 11 yrs old. He did not read until last year. Now he reads novels! He is the same child who was introduced to the structure to read last year “one hour a day” for one month in the beginning. He was also introduced to the structure of Marigold (textbooks). Now he does not follow the structure of Marigold and have his own structure of following another book selected by himself.
Once he crosses the first step of getting into something and knowing it, he does not need any further assistance. The first time he was asked to experience Aarohi reporter, he did it with little follow-ups and initial reluctance and soon he started ASKING to be the reporter. He reads the news, concise it for the group and shares with humor. He spends few hours in doing so. He finds the job of reporter very engrossing. He searched the news of different topics – ghost, technology, ban and so on. He says ‘when I like something to do, I think about it”.