Make the most of you being in Aarohi Campus


The spelling of Aarohi is D-O-I-N-G. It is an action-packed place where each member of the community is engaged in a wide variety of doings. Also, there are few sessions every day as well as responsibilities that you would be part of. All of this can be quite overwhelming for a newcomer to campus. Which is why follow this guide πŸ˜‰

First few days, just soak into the whole atmosphere here. Allow yourself to just flow with the whole stream of action – observe, be involved, but you don’t have to necessarily make sense of everything.

Initially observe more and analyze less.

As you walk into the campus – walk slowly. Observe. Don’t be in a hurry to find out, to know, to ask. Soak in the place, its elements, its shades, its imperfections.

Let the eyes follow the action around. Be like a butterfly – skip from one thing in the campus to another. Or be like a bee – hover over something. Tame your questions by parking them somewhere (maybe in a notebook). Analyze less – things, people, and events. Just let them form an environment around you.

Slow down your thinking. Slow down your conclusions. Breathe slowly.

Rest assured that we shall hobnob, we shall exchange, we shall answer your questions – but a little later. As of now, cut down your discussions.

As of now, let clouds of thoughts float by. As of now let the mind be quiet.

Quietude is a worthwhile option. If required, enjoy this experience.

At aarohi, we go slow, for we have a day to enjoy, a life to live!

As you start understanding the campus and its elements, as you get familiar with the schedule and various activities happening and as you start making relationships with children/adults – you will slowly start discovering and understanding the art of facilitation.
Explore all the four ways of learning about facilitation – Observing, Questioning, Reflecting and Creating.