Magic of one week

Till now, for me,
Space was restricted to solar system and names of planets.
Astronomy was only some stars in the asky and something unapproachable.
Astronauts – image of astronauts in that white huge spongy suits.
Rockets and Space shuttle – vocabulary which comes from another planet, not belongs to me at earth and only for NASA and ISRO.

During solar week at O-campus, I saw and experienced (I did not take part in activities, I was only present at the campus) many activities happening around me. I was a passive participant of
Launching rockets
Making rocket launcher
Experimenting with parachutes
Feeling of free fall
Unending discussions on space, rockets, parts of rockets, gravity, atmosphere, satellites…………..the discussion diluted all images of gender, age and labels. All were intensely involved in SPACE irrespective of age, gender.

I witnessed deep involvement in each detail when we were watching movie “Apollo 13”. Kids were pausing in-between and were discussing technical details of rocket, working in space…………..I was speechless.

I connect with space and its science much deeper than before – it was just a magic of ONE WEEK.