Love and relationship


A session on “Love and relationships and their changes”with Dwiji

We feel something for different people when we interact with different people and that is what we call relationship

We are not alone in the feeling of love

Have you observed how do different people interact, and how that has changed over time – relationship with parents changes, with friends changes, and with the world around changes?

Sharing how the relationship changed over time between:

A husband and wife in one case over many years where initially one person was dictating to a consultative relationship

Uncle and family, living together to moving away and now back to building up a relationship

Father and Grandfather – very close to very rare talking to each other

Grandmother and her sister from cordial to not talking

Father and mother from commanding to affection and involvement

Grandmother and father from a normal relationship when they were both working to fights now that they are both at home all-day

All ages we observe relationships changing

Two friends from acquaintance to best friend

As we grow, we do different things, we feel different emotions

All the time we are changing – time does not stop?

And as we live, our relationship with people changes.

When we are changing, everyone around us is changing…our relationship change. How we feel changes

Love, personal, hurt, happy, excited, bored, angry, cut off, memories, forgot, friends again…bringing some thoughts.

Our emotions like ourselves are not constant.,..our relationship with others changes. It can become stronger or weaker, far or nearer.

Love is one of the many emotions we feel. Like any other emotion, feeling of our relationship changes so does our love changes.

Love is a natural emotion, we feel for different people with different intensity.

Experiences of love change and that are perfectly normal.

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