Love and Accidents

During one of the open house, one child shared thoughts on kissing, “how do I know that any boy will not take advantage of me, will
that be good touch or bad touch?”……….I do not exactly remember your words…………..

Well, I shared my thoughts – You never know who will be honest to you or cheat you, What I believe is that If you are doing with awareness, there is nothing wrong in kissing or getting into any physical relationship with any boy or girl. When you go on to road you are careful, but you still have danger of meeting an accident. We normally do not stop travelling in the fear of accidents – so one does not stop any feeling of touch with any gender in fear of being cheated. If you get cheated, its your learning, if you not, its your learning. I hope, I am making some sense – would love to know your thoughts.

Child shared -I think cheating can happen anywhere, not only cheating but mistakes,accidents etc.Even now i can be go wrong while interacting with others.I have also thought that when i fall in love i will take my decision at that time, if i am cheated i will learn from it. I think that i am capable, i have decided not to worry about wrong doing of my future now but face it and take appropriate decision then and there. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Note – This blog is shared with you all with the consensus of the child.