A long way to go

We had been to one government school this Friday as part of outdoor. We started with introduction. Our children were busy observing. We started with energiser. All were sitting together in circle. Children had put up different stalls. Making book marks, craft, book reading, board games were going on simultaneously. I was enjoying involvement of children. I was there only as support. Everything was lead by children. Though we had informed in advance that no refreshment will be served, the school had arranged cold drinks and biscuits. Three four students of that school were serving biscuits and cold drinks to us. Our children also were enjoying having the same. While having buiscuits and cold drinks we were learning different kinds of claps from them. It was 12:15 pm and we decided to say bye to them and start from there. One of the children was very upset. He started asking for juice. He did not get cold drink. His eyes were full of tears. He was standing next to me. My immediate thoughts were” these people are poor, they are struggling for their food, etc…” I was about to share this with that child. Suddenly my inner self stopped me. I could see his disappointment. I told him ”are you upset because you did not get the cold drink? I can understand your disappointment.”

I observed my own feelings. My feeling or approach towards that child was different when I was thinking of the school children being poor. When I could see from his perspective, my approach as well as feeling towards him was totally different. My first thought was giving me disturbance and I was not able to see child’s need. While coming we were sitting next to each other. He was back to normal. I was enjoying observing him and laughing at me in my mind. A long way to go!!!!!!