LOGO programming


LOGO programming with Prashanth – maths is all about finding patterns. The session was not only about programming, nor just about computers, but also about developing critical thinking and observations.It was about Observing shapes and patterns in our environment and notice the ‘shift in your thinking’.

What is language?
It is a way of expressing. Expressing each language opens up a new way of thinking.
What is a programming language?
1) Command
2) Structured
It is about transferring instructions from human being to computer.

What is Interpreted?
Translation one Language from another.

How to use Logo programming Software.
There is a turtle in the Middle of the sheet, which will listen to your instructions.

Basic Commands language.
FD – forward.
Bk-. Back
Rt- take a right turn.
Lt- Take a left turn
Penup- pen goes up
Pen down- pen goes down.

Make a square – Fd200 rt90 Four-times will make a square
Draw a pentagon – 72degree angle and 100 pixels.

Geometry via logo made so much sense.