Logo designing


Logo Designing

Hi PMO here and I am going to talk about logo designing.

What is designing? Designing is something which gives us a scope on what to do. Designing is a thing that makes pattern and art as well. Designing is for good comfort as well. Some people do designing for money for example cheating the person by giving half packet of chips. Designing can give you a direction for example a pencil with an eraser could be telling you to minimize mistakes. The design communicates in its own language. Design is for the person’s perspective. It’s made for a purpose. We set our mistakes right. That’s how design’s evolve.

What is logo designing? Logos are called representors. Logos sometimes have colour coding for example food companies use yellow, red and orange and banks mostly use blue for people to trust them. Sometimes logos also use shapes for communicating. Each logo gives an identification. You would not have to write the whole name. We can identify the logo easily.

This is what I have learnt about logo designing .