Lock Down Stories

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Pari is 8yrs old, she is a self-directed learner at Aarohi. With a dream of excelling in gymnastics, she spends her time with art and clay, learning various things with friends including drama and dance. This 8yr old is not too small to be Aarohi’s official receptionist. She is capable: To Dream, To Think, To Decide, To Do, To Fail, To Achieve, To Assess, To Learn, To Enjoy, To Live. During the lockdown, she is busy with art, music and playing the keyboard.

We need not assess a child by any exam or grades, the child explores her strengths, her competencies and understands what she is worthy of.

Shikha, 12yrs is a self-directed learner at Aarohi, during this lockdown, she is continuing her journey, She says “I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in the lockdown. For starters, I have been reading a lot of books. Right now I am reading Ishmael. Ishmael is a gorilla who needs a student for him to teach his learnings. Ishmael’s main goal was to save the world from destruction. It’s a really interesting book. I have been learning and playing the ocarina. The ocarina is a wind instrument from South America. I have also been spending a lot of time in the garden, Like observing the plants and insects, I sketch them. Make observations, write them down and research about them.I also do other things like dancing, freestyle and Odissi, I sketch objects and places, I sing, I meditate. Right now I am learning two programming languages one is javascript and the other one is Arduino.

We need not bind a child by a curriculum or syllabus – The child leads himself via his dreams, interests, and aspirations. Each child is capable of DESIGN their own learning, all they need is our TRUST.

Aswathy 16yrs old is not affected by lockdown – she continues to pursue her passion for making films in different ways. At Aarohi she works with the camera, shooting short films apart from a million other interests she had. But with lockdown, restricted availability of peopleand space, she has designed her own curriculum to continue filmmaking beyond the usual things. She is spending her time watching movies and analyzing them, writing stories, reading fashion blogs to understand fashion trends, attending a webinar to learn about human psychology, creating movie clubs, learning coding, debate, writing movie reviews and so on. Her day is packed with different activities she decides and plans.

Let’s believe collectively that kids are CAPABLE – they have all the power inside them to be able to create their own day during this time. All we need is to believe in them and be listening to them.

With this trust in our children, we are inviting parents to experience this magic in your child during this summer at home. Self Directed learning at home is an online program, designed to share and guide parents to experience self-directed learning with their child at home.

Advik is 13yrs old, he is a self-directed learner at Aarohi – His interests are the Stock market and Drumming. During the year he was engaged with various activities at Aarohi including acting and directing short films with other peers. During this summer, at home he is designing his own learning – He has started doing research in stock investment and he has started investing with a small amount. He has made both profit and loss during this process. Also, he has enrolled to a one-month online stock investment training. His day is occupied with coding to make the program for stick market exchange, cooking, family, and the stock market.

At Aarohi we have been working with the belief that each child is capable, we do not need to teach them or make learning fun for them. All we need is a belief that they want and they can create their own learning.