Lizards Learning


Lizards rating at Aarohi is very low, like any other place, lizards receive “ooh, yuck….” Treatment. In principal we respect all inscete but we lizards still makes us run here and there.

Well, while we do not run with kids, we encouraged one of the child to take up understanding about lizards in campus training.First presentation about all the lizards which are poisonous and not found in India – the group rejected this research 🙂

Subsequent pretentiousness were more on knowing about lizards, knowing where do they live, what they can do, what does it mean, how to avoid them, their body parts, and what is Gecko and what is Lizard (I am still confused)…..although the screams are no less after these presentations, we are able to connect with them better. At least we are at ease with their presence and we continue to live together.

This was reassuring “The wall lizard or gecko, found in most homes, is not poisonous at all. It only checks insect population. The only poisonous lizard in the world is the heloderma, also called the gila monster and beaded lizard. It’s found in large numbers near the Gila river in south-western United States.”