What is literature? How do we decide what is literature? Are stories literature? Why jokes and cartoon books are not literature? We began introduction of literature with some of these questions. We explored that there is much more literature available than just Harry potter.

Many of the kids are reading Harry potter at Aarohi, kids shared – some are reading because others are reading, some are reading because they are enjoying and following the reading. Some who are reading and not able to understand realized that they can read other kinds of literature, which they can read and not necessarily get stuck with one kind which is currently difficult for them.

One of the child expressed he has been reading, since he was 5yrs old and he has finished 4 volumes of Harry potter at the age of 9yrs, some expressed that they have not read much, not able to follow Harry potter beyond first page. All understood self by getting exposed to vast variety of literature available within our library itself.

I also expressed that I have not read much in my childhood and I have so much to read now. Children have suggested some of the easy read to me. Overall the floccinaucci of literature brought a lot of excitement and exploration of self and the topic both – this led to reading Julius Ceaser in the night in group reading.