What is listening?
Where all do I see listening?
How do I understand listening as a word genie objective?
What all resources can I take for children?
Will I be able to facilitate children on this objective and many more doubts were there in the mind when my journey began.

Once I began to read about listening as a word genie objective I was beginning to get some clarity in my understanding. I moved beyond what I thought I know and now I had some dough to chew on to. Still I had not reached session level. Back of the mind that was constantly nagging, you have to facilitate the new children to the old children, how, how and how will you do it. There were times of despair when I wanted to just ask someone please do this for me, I will learn from you and do another objective. Paused in the whole process took a break from LISTENINING and anything related to listening. When I re started I got clarity in what I have to do and how I have to do. Still I could not see the end of the tunnel, but could see some light so was happy.
As I was reading more on listening I got different kinds of inputs about listening. I realised listening is not that an easy thing. Many times we ask “ARE you listening”, Yes, I am but I need lot more than just listening to be with you.”

Understanding what kind of resources to take to what kind of facilitation I can do, I slowly started moving ahead. We reached a stage where some things were clear some was not and then I got excited and was enjoying the challenges thrown to me. I realised my need to give up in the beginning was due to lack of clarity but when I was understanding what I had to do, I got excited in the process and I was now looking forward to give the whole thing some shape.

As I went into session with my resources in place, I was now looking forward to how children will move ahead. The first session was interesting with questions from them on how to do, what to do etc, the 2nd session was a challenge as I saw all are on the path but nowhere listening was happening. Hey, what do I do? I was getting disturbed. I doubted the stimulation that I did, what more could I have done for them to look at listening. Did I do the stimulation properly, was I able to make myself clear to them at no time did I doubt their clarity, all the time I was what more could I have done. Actually moved out from the place, went for a walk around, and settled my mind and I came back. I sat there observing what was happening and I realised that they were keen on doing their content of poetry and story. I quietly played a story which I had. After few minutes one child came and said can I listen to this story? I need to listen to new words for my story, other one said can you read to me I will listen how you pronounce the words. Then the journey was moving. Yes I was relieved that now they are connecting to the objective. My need was only that; they connect to the objective. Later I questioned myself what would have I done if they did not, was it not ok if they would have done only story or poetry? I am still waiting for the answers to this.

Once on their own and with the awareness of the available resources children were into listening for new words, listening how to play with words, listening to know the meaning etc. Children listened to different stories, they used scrabble to make stories, and they listened to the words and made their scrabble using those words and in the process were creating new story. They used the puppets to talk to when they got something, the most important resource which I think they used were each other. They went ahead to ask each other how they would do the words, asking the meaning of literature to the 5 year old was a big task for a 10 year old child. When she got the answer from them she was oh they also know.

Over all an exciting journey with self doubts and moments of happiness and also with the learning at their pace children will take what they need. Just KEEP THE REOURCES READY.