List of Learning

My eight year old got interested in cursive writing. The reason “it looks nice”.

His source of inspiration – Comic books of TIN TIN. He used to spend hours on just looking at the comic book (that time he did not know how to read). He still looks at these pictures, look at them in DETAIL and share the whole story (he likes sharing in detail).

Two days back he listened to a audio story in Hindi called “char mitra”. He listened to it many times and wrote the story in English (if you read this will be in Hindi – as he says). He wrote the whole story in cursive.

He loves observing. By observing he learns how music cassette works, how cycle pumps works what are trees, how to raise a calf pet, how fire works. By listening he learns the how to calculate numbers in various forms, how to use words in different languages (Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Gujrati). He has learnt acting by watching movies. He visualized HOW bowlers bowl.

He spends a lot of time doing nothing.
He spends a lot of time talking
He spends a lot of time climbing trees
He spends a lot of time watching movies (one movie multiple times).
He loves people – he can know about just by being with you.
He spends time in rock climbing and playing sports.
He likes shopping and learns about things by shopping and window shopping

and the list is long…………the list may not match with the conventional list of learning, but he is leanring and he is ENJOYING!!! I am ENJJOYING!!!