Life of me at Aarohi


Life of me at Aarohi

Hi my name is Dhrupad and I am going to talk about my life at Aarohi and what i feel about it my different experiences and so on.

My feelings about Aarohi is good like whenever I am in aarohi i have the feeling that I am welcomed there and that nobody discards me. I am not saying that we do not fight and have arguments but we still care for each other deep down. I have the feeling that whenever I am in Aarohi I will learn something new.

My experience in Aarohi is really great because as told I always learn new things and i get what i want to do like my interests and talents and stuff like that. We have many different activities sessions and various other fun things like sports campus care and a lot of other fun sessions or activities.

What I like in aarohi is that I am able to learn whatever I want to learn about and there is no pressure on us children. I also like the thing that there are no exams and one more good thing about aarohi is there is lot of togetherness. The best thing is everybody is heard for whatever they are saying. We have community sessions where people are heard out their needs and their wants.

I am going to share one of my learning experiences in Aarohi. So when i was about 9 or 10 years old there were lot of people doing drumming using the djembe. After that even I got interested in it and i started playing it with my friends and my father. I used to love playing with it I used to come up with newbeats and we used to play it in marathons as well. Then the craze stop so I thought it was not cool and I stopped playing it. I did not play the djembe for almost 1 to 2 years. But then suddenly after LSUC (learning societies unconference) I got interested again because I saw that so many people are playing it so I started playing it and now I play almost everyday.