Life is learning opportunity

After the theft incidnet at the campus, security has become part of our learning. We all have committed “one hour a week” to work on security. Every Wednesday at the campus we have “security drill”.We began the first session with “what are our needs and HOW we want to do?We all came up with our needs

  • What to do in case of any accident?
  • What do in case of – seeing snake, snake coming inside th house, snake bite and so on with any other insect.
  • What to do in case of theft and robbery. (One of the child was sitting with dictionary and explaining to us what is robbery and what us theft)
  • Make safety passages
  • Self defence
  • What do in case on physical abuse (rape).
  • What to do in case of kidnapping?
  • Talk about fear of death, accidents, rape, kidnapping, hurt, accidents etc.

We are not only working on security, but trying to understand what it is all????

  • At campus, we have various kinds of animal life around us – elephants corridor, wild boar, reptiles, scorpion and other insects are part of our surroundings – so how to understand them, what to do whey we see them, how do we coexist, what can be potential danger and what can not be danger, what are myths and what to do in case of any bite or accidents…………..
  • What are natural disasters, why they happen, how they happen and what to do in case of earth quake, lightening, flood, thunder……………? The campus area is prone to lightning and thunder (last week our solar panels got badly affected by lightening). – so how do we understand weather around us?
  • The campus is in open area – so how do we understand the potential danger from people? How to safe self, what are the myths reacted to self defence, fighting back and so on.
  • How do we share our various safety zones with visitors and members of the community…..make safety hole, document about safety and security.

Security work in last week

  • Kids have clicked photographs of ALL the people working @ campus (including rat and vishal) and taken the database of all – ph no, full name, address etc.
  • Kids are making phone no list of emergency, support group etc. Exploring emergency messages in case of emergency.
  • Boundary wall work has began.
  • Kids have also madesafetyhole – we will print by next week and place in different places.
Codes we follow
  • Not speak to any stranger and give our details – name, parents etc.
  • Other than the people in our data, noone enters the campus.
  • any new perosn at the campus- the photo will be clicked and then employment.
  • our barrier is locked in day time also – this restrict vehicle (cars etc) entry without our information.
  • We move in group.
  • We have got night watchman
Life @ Campus
  • Continue to be normal with sessions in progress.
  • Kids working on security
  • ncluding “self defense” as part of weekly training for all which includes :medical, animal, people” and all kinds of security.
Work in progress
  • All the entry gates closed with metal rods as closing and opening system.
  • looking for for dog
  • Entry gate fabrication
  • Fencing
  • Finding live in watchman
  • Watchman shelter
  • Empowerment to face any emergency
A huge gratitude to all the parents for the immense faith in us. The next day of the incident ALL the kids were at campus and back to life with double enthusiasm.Kids at campus are part of the whole process. Every event in our life becomes a learning event.