Life at Aarohi

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Lot happens during the week at campus…..not necessarily structured as curriculum but curriculum from life. We pick what comes on our way as we live our life

Planning various things – Outstation trip – schedule, travel, connecting with resource people, identifying and finalizing the places to visit, stay arrangements and communication. Team of four consisting 12 yr, 11yr old, 16 and 45 yrs old team members.

Cooking – salad making, estimating for food quantity looking for new recipes, planning for grocery, making market list, managing overs….consist a team of 14yr and 47yrs old along with support system of Manji, and kitchen team of 13, 10, 8 and 12yrd old.

Preparing for various self definition – Planning, Reflection/review, thought club, Evening music jam, weekly outdoor, guest and bedding management, community sports, daily news and riddles, helpmates to solve emotional issues withing community, make notices/posters for the community to be informed. All have team of 47 to 8yrd old as per their interest,

And working in campus development – Clearing ground and planning for basketball court, making DOME for our upcoming session area, wall painting to label and re-painting beautifying walls, setting up clay station, repairs of our rope ladder/broken chairs/parking boards/laptops and speakers. Making trellis for our plants, labeling them, indexing them and so on

And work on our development – Practice of reading, writing or maths or spellings or crazy kitchen maths, preparation for AFL, comic course, review, reflection, apply for new job openings, understanding weather, learning languages, planning on business plan, connecting with our families and so on.

And work on our interest – Prepare for quiz on different topic, practicing rubrics cube, craft, fitness, sports, photography, dance, painting, art, crochet, cooking, chess, clay work, catching butterflies, making movies, advanced Origami, bird watching, trekking, rock climbing, music, gardening, chasing stars and so on.

And bring some entertainment in our life – watch mobile on other free school in Berlin at the end of the day, playing NERF gun war or hide and seek, play video games, watch and follow Kabbadi and other sports, play board games, watch movies or chit chat with friends.

An work on campus care – planning meals, up keep kitchen, water the garden, broom and mop our spaces, wash toilets, collect firewood….

Is this learning? Each one finding their own space to explore, experiment and expand. No barriers of age – 5yr old working with carpentry tools to work coconut shell and 47 yrs old learning in comic course.