Lice and Beliefs


Aarohi was infested with LICE. I read in detail about lice and was surprised with my own understanding or rather mis-understanding. “As per my reading is is just an insect in our hairs. It does not creates any health problems. One of the site quotes “Presence of lice does not mean lack of hygiene or low social status,. Africans do not have lice due to texture of the hairs. Having head lice causes intense itching, but does not lead to serious medical problems. Unlike body lice, head lice never carry or spread diseases.Physically it causes itching and may look uncomfortable to see someone scratching the head. While one may like to work on lice and get it out of the hairs but there is nothing YUCKY about it – it is just a harmless insect in your hairs. “

Sharing this to challenge our REACTIONS to lice in kids hairs which are coming from some beliefs. Some more reads