A letter to Teens

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Dear Teens,

Children around your age – 14 to 16 yrs sometimes could be lost as to what to do. (This is true both for children in open learning as well as children going to school).

What we see is that there are three options in front of you / children:

  1. Some childrencontinue to explore many different things, keep themselves busy, until they grow up much more and then they start finding what they really want to do in life.
  2. Or the other option children have is to take up one field and go deeper into that.

In both the above options usually the child’s parents are also quite comfortable and satisfied and they support child and child gets positive vibes from his / her parents and this also helps the child.

The last option in which we also see many children whether they are in open learning or even as in schools and colleges is just get lost and while away their time – in today’s world with gadgets and social media, thinking about boys and girls relationships or just spending time, rather wasting time aimlessly. Obviously this third option does not lead to anything beneficial in the long run and many of them get finally into some kind of low marks in their college and school, and struggle to get good jobs. Or even in open learning they struggle to move ahead in their life. Obviously the third option also becomes an emotional problem because non achievement depresses the child and they start feeling negative about themselves as well as it depresses their parents who start feeling negative about it and it becomes a vicious cycle.

If we look at the above with a calm mind we see only the first two options as viable for any child and parents. Which is why any child ofAarohiin this age should either continue to explore different things or the child gets deep into any one field of his interest.

If the child is choosing to get deep into one field – the child should be ready to put in fair amount of effort into that field – about 10 to 12 hours into that field – developing physical, mental and other skills required in which ever field the child wants to go in. The idea is not that the child has to become a master in that field but the child develops himself through that field.

If the child is choosing to explore different things, then doing different things develops his / her skills and the child feels good about himself and can find his or her choice of career options later on in life. The child should be ready to explore many different things and put in fair amount of effort into this exploration.

Both the options does not takes away the importance of efforts, hard work, willingness to do, openness for feedback, learning from mistakes, and focus on growing via learning skills.

Sometimes with your growing needs, your emotions also interferes with your learning plans – sometimes they overpower and not let you move ahead. You get into vicious cycle of negative emotions for self.Exercise can help you to keep your mentally healthy (https://trailscarolina.com/blog/six-mental-health-benefits-exercise-teens/)

and DOING can help you to develop various skills and feel better about yourself.

You know more about the world or rather look at the world differently – do share your views on various aspects of grwoing and leanirng.