Letter for kids – News from the campus

I have been reading a novel, called “Daddy’s long legs”. The novel is based on letters written by a (college) girl to her adopted father. I
am inspired to write letters – I am beginning with writing a mail, soon will write letters.

So here I go,
It has been very pleasant at the campus. We saw a herd of around 30 elephants in the morning, crossing very near to our campus. Elephants
missed you all. Now there is not much movement and all Ragi crop is cut.

Well, few visitors visited the campus, but I miss all of you. Campus with all of you is very different and exciting.

Bella and Smiley have become very playful, they keep themselves busy whole day by fighting and training each other. Pepper has been eating
a lot of kitten’s potty, hence we have started keeping him in playpool and very firm with him and not leaving him alone to wander – he is not
liking this firmness. Fanta’ paw is much better, she is able to run with all four legs. Bella has developed a new passion – carry her
food bowl and keep it in another place. One bird made a next at the top of tree, but all three kittens have managed to reach the nest and
I do not know what all they eat – we heard some chirping of baby birds from the nest.

Shivani aunty with Pranav, Vijay uncle and granny visited campus. They planted chikoo and guava tree at the campus. Soon we shall have our
own fruits :). Mohit, Nidhi, Raadhika and Gaurika visited the campus for two days – they too planted a Guava tree. We have put long ladder
in the teak wood area for you to climb and hang on the trees.

Sriram uncle convinced me using fear that we should go for RCC roof for security shelter. Ratnesh uncle questioned that fear and
convinced me to go with original plan of tetrapack sheets for security shelter. Finally we have put sheets and security shelter should be
ready by 10th Jan.

While I was cleaning library racks, I found a book on “my vote count” – this book is written specially for kids to understand various forms
of governance.

Paramesh came for few days in the morning and took one book home. Ratnesh uncle and Seenappa uncle planted few more reeds in the reed
bed. The kitchen has reached 4feet height. Dhrupad has been cleaning pet shelter everyday. He expressed he is very excited, because he has
learnt how to clean the shelter. Asawari used Methi to clean termites in her bed and Vishruth’s bed.

I have been watching movies from different culture and topics – saw
Lucia (Kannda, science fiction),
A separation (Persian, a story of a family),
Eternal sensation of the spotless mind (about a couple, American),
Greatest game ever played (Europe, based on golf).
Poetry (Japanese, a story of a granma and grandson. The grandma joins
a poetry class).

Its fun to watch them and listen to various language.

Many birds are chirping at the campus, Babblers makes lot of noise when 15 of them start talking at the same time. Large pied wagtail,
keeps on wagging in Orion, I do not how they are here, normally I have seen them near ponds and rivers. Tree pie also sings in the sculptor
courtyard. Varieties of butterflies are fluttering and many variety of small little flowers are blooming at the campus.

I was just wondering, how shall we welcome a new child – Neha is confirmed to join O-campus from 6th Jan. I was thinking, we shall
welcome the child, as we celebrate b’day in the evening – what say?

Moon has been rising very late in the night, so it is good time for star gazing – missed Bhavana and Aayush today while we were watching
Jupiter and its moons.

More later